Project Result

The Goldland Industrial Park (TGIP) is designed as an environmentally friendly park designed to enhance capacity development initiatives, establish needed physical infrastructure, and create an enabling environment for various types of industries and firms to support activities at the park.



To promote the sustainable development of Nigeria, TGIP will bring a great industrial vision and focus on increasing domestic production.

This will lead to the decongestion of industrial clusters in Port Harcourt. Industrialists and businesspeople from bigger hubs will migrate to the region for more profitable businesses. In different sectors, skilled and unskilled workers will be part of the production and assist in the development of Nigeria. Importantly, workers will have an opportunity to work in organized and well-disciplined facilities.

The Industrial Park Project will bring a great opportunity for the local people by establishing vocational-technical- schools to train people to provide for the demand of the facilities. Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) is a challenge for all African countries. With this aim, hundreds of unskilled and skilled workers will be educated with the chance of practicing within the factories and vocational schools. Nigerian youths will be educated in vocational classes owed to their talents. Therefore, having the necessary skills to be part of the production process in the park.